Hardbound book, presenting Frank Herrmann paintings specific to the Asmat culture of New Guinea from 1999-2010.

This sixty-four page monograph includes artist statement and statement about the paintings. There are thirty-nine (39) pages covering forty-five (45) paintings, nine (9) pages of full-page details and studio shots, two reference paintings, John Walker and Gauguin, and a map. All illustrations are in full color.

The foreword is by Robert K. Wallace, Regents Professor of English at Northern Kentucky University and past president of the Melville Society. His books include Melville and Turner: Spheres of Love and Fright and Frank Stella's Moby-Dick: Words and Shapes.

The essay is by Ruth K. Meyer who holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Minnesota, MA in Art History from Brown University, and a BFA from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. She has been active as a museum curator, director and professor. She is a contributing editor of The Artists Magazine and also has published art criticism in Art in America.


Photography is by Tony Walsh. Book design is by Paul Neff also a DAAP alumnus.

Frank Herrmann Paintings 1999 - 2009

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  • Published 2010 in conjunction with the exhibition at Tregoning and Company Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio August 20 - September 25, 2010

    Hardcover, 64 pages

    ISBN: 978-061535219-0