b. 1933 

Selected Works

Ed Bing Lee


Ed Bing Lee (b. 1933) has been perfecting his knotting artistry for over 40 years. He started as a commercial fabric designer in New York and Philadelphia and then became an instructor, teaching at Moore College of Art and Design, The University of the Arts, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Working with colored thread and thousands upon thousands of knots, Lee transforms a simple material and a common technique into a unique form of contemporary fiber art. Lee will tell you that his attraction to the work of George Seurat and the technical aspects of pointillism - the placement of individual and differing dots of hues, values, and intensity to create a field of color and imagery - became the fountainhead for his knotting process.


Lee is the recipient of several Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowships, and has twice received the Farelli Award for Excellence in Fiber at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. His work is included in the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Daphne Farago Fiber Arts Collection, and the Franklin Mint in Los Angeles, CA. His work has been exhibited at the Sculptural Objects and Functional Art show in both Chicago and New York, and Men of Cloth at the Loveland Museum, CO. A solo exhibition of Lee’s work, at 70, was mounted at the Snyderman/Works Gallery in 2003.

View an interview with Ed Bing Lee conducted by the Pew Fellowship in the Arts:

Photo: Ken Yanoviak

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Summer Survey, Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati,OH

Interwoven, Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati, OH   


Rijswijk Textile Biennial Rijswijk Museum, Netherlands


Fiberart Biennial, Synderman/Works, Philadelphia, PA

Fiberart International, Pittsburgh, PA: traveling exhibition.

Meditation on the Chawan, ArtStar. Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art

          Craftform09, Wayne Art Center. Wayne, PA


Fiber 2008, Cleveland, OH

         New Fibers 2008, Ann Arbor, MI

Invitational 2008, Minneapolis, MN